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Saturday, September 5, 2009



Power as usual though still much different compared to his initial few albums.Nevertheless he still holds the RnB 教父 title!and i think he's really underrated! Firstly he has a great voice with powerful big range and he plays with them with ease!He composes his own songs and at times helps out with the lyrics; he plays the guitar parts for many of his songs; keyboards at times and backup vocals and arrangements are mostly by him unless stated otherwise; he produces his own albums as in the producer of the album whereby he will sit through the whole production sequences and arrange the music arrangement till his or his fellow music-friend's liking and will also employ pro musicians to help out in parts that they deem neccesary.Woah!A perfectionist Pro musician i feel! i mean at this times where singers are everywhere where can you find such a full time musician who does everything, covers every area on his own just to make sure the music produced are his and up to his own standard!(for up to 2-3 years each album, could see how much he's putting in the music produced and not rushing for sales, i mean he could build on his reputation after the initial albums and produce quick, low-quality music just to take in huge sales and profit from it?) Though 40 y/o already, hope he will continue to sing and produce music!
Btw, heard he's embarking on a movie making production now not sure regarding the plot but expect nothing ordinary from this extraordinary artiste!

Khalil Fong the successor(many say) for the RnB scene writes good flavoured music but i still feel his voice is still not that strong compares to DT.

Lee Hom is too overrated!!!!!!!!!!
Honestly i feel Lee Hom is too overrated, yes you will say he has produced 25 albums till date , won a few golden melody awards,chosen to represent at the Olympics....blahblahblah....i just feel his overrated...produces 25 albums in 14 yrs career..i mean its feels like he's rushing for sales of his records more like producing good music or to his personal standards.He's also a musician like DT who writes his own songs, produces his own albums and play the instruments(In his albums and live concerts, he can be heard playing piano, drums, guitar, bass, violin, vibraphone, erhu, xun, and more.) required in his albums.Maybe a little too much?Heard his latest album and not really impressed with his latest works. Though i took the effort and went back many years and check out many of his own penned hits and many still sounds really good, with this, one still have to credit him.

Still think David Tao Rocks!

Music Took Control at 3:22 AM

Friday, September 4, 2009

Been 2 months since i am back.

Music Took Control at 11:34 PM


Rain and Tears - House Music